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We here at James Porter & Son are thrilled to be partnering with Studio Underd0g. This microbrand is owned and run by Richard, who lives and breathes watches. A designer by trade, he has worked in the industry for over 5 years and his entrepreneurial mindset has led to his goal of his own watch brand. Studio Underd0g is very much a passion project which has been brought to life with the overwhelming positive feedback received from the watch enthusiast community.

The second generation of Studio Underd0g watches are all assembled in Great Britain.

Studio Underd0g is available in-store only.

Mint Ch0c Chip

Invented in England back in 1973 by a student, mint chocolate chip has gone on to become one of the most popular ice cream flavours in modern times - but why stop at ice cream? This classic combination of chocolate and mint is currently being used in cosmetics, air fresheners, personal lubricants (thanks Wikipedia for this gem) and now… in a mechanical watch! In collaboration with David Richards, AKA; The Strap Tailor this model offers a beautifully supple handmade Alran Chevre Goatskin strap as part of this new introduction. The lining is Haas Zermatt which is comfortable on the wrist and resistant to sweat and moisture.


Desert Sky

The Desert Sky is in fact a homage watch (although not in the conventional sense). Its colour pallet is heavily inspired by a pair of sneakers.

Despite the playful approach, Studio Underd0g don’t mess around when it comes to design. Every detail, texture, material, finishing and colour of the watches has been meticulously thought through.

Studio Underd0g use current-day machining techniques to emulate a mid-century vintage silhouette, while integrating a refreshingly modern dégradé dial.



The Watermel0n has been inspired by a refreshing fruit. Yep, you guessed it - a pineapple... NOT

The Mechanical hand-winding ST-1901 Movement has an incredibly rich history; starting life as a Swiss Venus Cal.175 before the tooling and technical drawings were sold to the Chinese Airforce in the early 1960s and can be found inside all Studio Underd0g watches.


Go0fy Panda

The Go0fy Panda is Studio Underd0gs unique take on the traditional panda dial that is so prevalent when it comes to mechanical chronographs.

The green-tipped Chronograph hands are inspired by a bamboo shoot, a pandas favourite delicacy!

By partnering with Horologium, Studio Underd0g can offer a full independent QC inspection on all watches before they’re shipped out from the UK. The process includes demagnetisation, accuracy / rate review (3 positions) and regulation wherever necessary. A report card is included with every watch.


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