Enter the world of HORAGE, a distinguished watch brand seamlessly merging innovation and heritage. Renowned for its meticulous craftsmanship, HORAGE stands at the forefront of precision timekeeping. Originating in 2009, the brand embarked on a transformative journey, challenging conventional norms by designing and engineering its movements. The culmination of this audacious pursuit resulted in the K1 automatic movement, a cornerstone of HORAGE's legacy. From the inaugural Jonas-K1 to the versatile Array and beyond, each creation reflects a commitment to excellence. HORAGE not only crafts timepieces; it engineers experiences, establishing itself as a beacon of ingenuity and a testament to the relentless pursuit of horological perfection.




Based in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, HORAGE, formed in 2007, merges Latin "Hora" (hour) and English "Age" (time). Pronounced "orage," the silent 'H' symbolizes the timeless essence. Founded by Andreas Felsl and Tzuyu Huang, the brand emerged as a truly independent Swiss watchmaker after debuting Omnium in 2009 and Jonas-K1 in 2015 at Basel World. With in-house capabilities spanning engineering, sourcing, logistics, design, production, and marketing, HORAGE reflects a global collaboration, supported remotely by a dedicated team worldwide.




HORAGE's headquarters grace Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, nestled amid renowned Swiss watchmakers. The close proximity of their office and production center fosters seamless collaboration between design and engineering teams. Operations unfold in the advanced industrial facility, while the administrative hub resides in the mid-century residence of founders Andreas and Tzuyu. This charming space not only accommodates administrative functions but also welcomes visitors, friends, and industry insiders for meetings and delightful culinary experiences—embodying HORAGE's commitment to great food and enduring friendships.




In the heart of Swiss watchmaking, HORAGE acknowledges Switzerland as the hub for watch technology, movement development, and education. While appreciating global talent, the brand partners with artisans worldwide, emphasizing quality. Their movements, however, remain exclusively engineered in-house, constituting the majority of a watch's value. HORAGE surpasses the Swiss Made standard, with watches ranging from 87% to 98% Swiss. The brand operates in Biel/Bienne, utilizing locally sourced components and maintaining a meticulous, human-centric approach to crafting luxury timepieces.




Founded in 2007 by Andreas Felsl and Tzuyu Huang, HORAGE emerged as a pioneering Swiss watch brand. Originating in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, a city synonymous with watchmaking excellence, the founders sought independence from their successful OEM sourcing firm. The brand marked milestones with the 2009 debut of Omnium and the 2015 launch of Jonas-K1, establishing HORAGE as a truly independent watchmaker. Over the years, HORAGE has evolved, crafting innovative timepieces while staying true to its commitment to precision and independence.

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