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UK Ring Size Chart

Use the chart of UK measurements below to find your ring measurement. A hemline/sewing tape measure is ideal to measure. Remember to give enough leeway for the tape measure to fit over your knuckles.

Ring SizeCircumference (mm)Ring SizeCircumference (mm)Ring SizeCircumference (mm)
A 37.8 J 48.7 S 60.2
B 39.1 K 50.0 T 61.4
C 40.4 L 51.2 U 62.7
D 41.7 M 52.5 V 64.0
E 42.9 N 53.8 W 65.3
F 44.2 O 55.1 X 66.6
G 45.5 P 56.3 Y 67.8
H 46.8 Q 57.6 Z 68.5
I 48.0 R 58.9    

How to find your partners ring size

Guess it (not as crazy as it sounds):

  • Fingers are proportionate to body type so, If your partner is petite, it’s likely that their hands are smaller and slender, start at a size H or I for women, and around an N for men.
  • If they’re more average in height, chances are they have an average finger size too. An average finger size is L½ for women and Q for men.
  • If your partner is above average height or build, start at around a ring size N for a woman and a size T for men.


  • Take a ring they already wear to a jewellers for it to be sized.
  • Bear in mind that the engagement/wedding ring finger is the third finger on the left hand

Use your own finger:

  • This is our favourite, slide a ring that they already wear onto your own 'ring finger' and mark with a pen where it gets stuck. Take it to a jeweller and you'll get a very close size.

Downloadable ring size guide

Download and print our simple ring size guide and place a ring over the dotted circles and match the inner diameter to find your the ring size. Our guide is perfect for when you want to surprise someone with a perfectly fitting ring.

Also included in the guide is a printable finger measuring strip to help with an accurate size. Please note that this is only a guide and won't take into account the style of your ring. For example, if you are choosing a ring with a wide band, you may need a larger size. If you're in doubt, seek help from your local jeweller.

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Helpful Ring Sizing Tips:


  • Don't worry about taking a risk to make sure your occassion goes to plan. It's about the gesture and the way you propose that counts. I'ts thought in the industry that around 40% of all engagement rings are resized. You can get in touch with James Porter to help with resizing.
  • Fingers expand and contract depending on the temperature. It might sound silly but bear that in mind if you're measuring a finger after walking into a jewellers after being out in the cold.
  • If your knuckle is much larger than your finger’s base, take two separate measurements of both and choose a size in between. A ring should slide over the knuckly but not be too loose to slider around the finger.
  • If you don't have a printer, you can use string or floss to wrap around a ring finger and mark it with a pet to get a length which you can then measure with a ruler. Bear in mind with this that string can stretch!

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