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16 Item(s)

16 Item(s)

MeisterSinger was founded in 2001 by Manfred Brassler in the Westphalian city of Munster where he wanted to create an alternative to the watches of today that showed time as something constantly racing along.

He drew his inspiration from historical single-hand clocks, often tower clocks, which were clear and visible to the town’s citizens and showed how the day progressed; when it was time to rest or finish work rather than bothering with the hectic passing of minutes and seconds.

Time is precious, let us not wish it away.

With only having one hour hand MeisterSinger watches give you a feeling of deceleration which in todays fast paced world is more important than ever.

MeisterSinger watches may seem daunting at first but are actually very easy to read with the dial divided into 144 markers. Each marker represents five minutes. The combination of the bold 15, 30 and 45 minute markers and the prominent needle pointer all add to the legibility.