Luminox Watches, Official Stockists for Scotland, James Porter and Son

Based in Glasgow's Argyll Arcade, James Porter & Son are proud to be official UK stockists of Luminox watches, being the only store in Scotland selected to sell these robust timepieces.


Luminox for Perfect Visibility in a Single Glance at James Porter and Son

In extreme situations decisions have to be made in an instant, making a watch that will guarantee perfect visibility in a single glance an absolute necessity. Luminox, a Swiss made brand, craft watches active in the realms of sea, air and land. Luminox timepieces boast the unique feature of having a self-powered illumination system - without the need of a light source, or even a push of a button. Incredibly time can be read for up to 25 years!


Luminox have Designed Watches for Elite Military Personnel

Being able to read time effortlessly under any circumstance fills a need for various military and law enforcement groups. This is why the U.S. Navy SEAL Procurement officers approached Luminox to specially design a watch suitable for deep dive night missions. Luminox watches are used by; CIA, FBI, Secret Service, U.S. Air Force, SWAT teams, Border Patrol units, Coast Guard officers, as well as rescue pilots, general law enforcement officers plus professional divers amongst many other groups.


Luminox Durability, Built for the Adventures of Your Life

Durable enough for the world’s toughest elite forces, Luminox watches are built for the activities and adventures of your life. Showcased in top action films such as Bad Boys, Fast and the Furious, Rambo and Ocean’s Eleven, these watches are the perfect accessory for any man who likes to live life to the full.


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