James Porter has specialised in jewellery for over 160 years and we pride ourselves on our wide range of unique gold bangles. Each item is personally selected by our buyer, and we are constantly updating our stock to include contemporary designs, as well as more traditional and timeless jewellery pieces. Our range of gold bangles below includes diamond set designs, as well as precious gemstones. We stock a range of yellow, white and rose gold designs in both hollow and solid styles.


Discover our collection of beautifully made bangles in a mix of metals, the perfect finishing touch with free UK delivery available online & in store.
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£0 £4345 £0 to £4345
Diamond Weight
0.012 5.16 0.012 to 5.16
Stone Cut
  1. Brilliant (8)
  2. Round (1)
Diamond Colour
Yellow I Yellow to I
Gold Colour
  1. White (23)
  2. Yellow (38)
  3. Yellow & White (14)
  4. Tri-Colour (1)
  5. Rose (16)
  6. Rose & White (3)
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Diamond Clarity
SI3 I2 SI3 to I2
  1. 9ct (9)
  2. 18ct (7)
  1. Diamond (8)
  2. Ruby (1)
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