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  • Getting Married Soon? Guide to Wedding Rings

    As we make our way into Spring - yes, honestly - it is that time of year where all the lovely couples getting married this summer should start thinking about ordering their wedding rings.


    But where to start? What metal? What style? Stone set or plain? What goes with my engagement ring?!


    Fret not! If you are stuck for inspiration, or just don’t even know where to start, this blog will hopefully inspire you and clear up any questions you may have had when it comes to buying your wedding rings!



    Ladies first…


    One of the biggest worries for future brides is shaped to fit wedding bands. They needn’t be! We have a range of plain, and diamond set wedding band available to view in store - and some of our engagement rings even come with an exact matching wedding ring.

    If you cannot find something that fits exactly the way you want it to, we can have a wedding band made to match your engagement ring exactly as you want it. After all, you will be wearing it for a long time so we want it to be perfect for you.

    Want to book an appointment to discuss this further?

    Just let us know time and date to suit by filling out a consultation request  here!

    Or by sending us an email to - enquiries@james-porter.co.uk


    New in store!



    We now have a range of cradle wedding bands.

    Also know as - ring jackets, ring guards, ring wraps, ring enhancer… to name a few of their titles!

    The beauty of a diamond wedding band and eternity band combined in one ring.
    This style is ideal for the bride who wants to show off her bling. The engagement ring simply slots in the middle and then WOW! We have been sharing photos of these over on our Instagram page too, because we just love lots of sparkle! These rings are perfect for a bride who likes to make a statement!


    The Classics!



    If you are a little more traditional when it comes to your jewellery we have a big selection of classic wedding rings. Available in all different metals, colours, widths and profiles!

    Seen something you like? Almost all of our wedding bands can be made in any metal. From 9ct gold, to platinum, so we can order rings to match your engagement ring perfectly!

    Still not sure what style you want? We have an experienced team in both of our stores situated in the Argyll Arcade, and we are open 7 days a week.


    Now for the Guys…


    You may think you will be straightforward, but there are a lot of styles and metals out there for you to choose from too! All of our gents wedding bands are available in a range of metals too, and what is in store can be made in different widths and colours.

    For the guys it is usually a case of trying different styles on in store until they find one that suits, and our team are on hand to help advise in the section process 7 days a week.


    We advise organising your wedding rings as far in advance as you can. Usually our plain wedding bands can take around 2-3 weeks to come in, and the diamond and cradle rings can take as long as 10 weeks, so make sure you leave enough time before your wedding to place your orders!


    We hope we can help you!

    Happy Wedding Planning!


  • Christmas Shopping Made Easy - Simple Gift Guide


    Christmas is almost upon us, and with just over one week to go we are here to help. If you just haven't gotten round to it yet or were just stumped for ideas hopefully this quick gift guide will help you!

    We in James Porter & Son love our Seiko watches, and they are the easiest brand to choose from, with models in every budget and a huge variety of styles to choose from!

    For the classic gentleman you have the SGEH53P1. Stainless steel bracelet, with a sunburst black dial and a sapphire crystal glass. It also won't break the bank at £189. You can see it in full and read the details by clicking here.


    For the more adventurous gentleman you cannot go wrong with one of the Prospex range. These watches are built for diving, but lets face it, you can't do much of that in Glasgow! The dive watch is an extremely popular look and also very durable! The SSC618P1 has a black rubber strap and rose plated case and is water resistant to 200m, full details here.


    For the gadget lover we have the SSE001J1 from the Seiko Astron range. This Limited edition watch does almost everything! Its inbuilt GPS will update the time automatically. Solar powered, so doesn't need a battery and has a perpetual calendar, so you never need to faff about with the date either! Made with high grade titanium and ceramic with a sapphire crystal glass it should so keep its looks very well too! Full details here.




    If your man already has a watch then we have a back-up plan!


    Cufflinks are a classic gift. Our Unusual Lapponia Quasar Silver Cufflinks are a little more quirky than your standard squares and ovals. These are hand crafted in Finland and have a beautiful mix of polish and matt finish. These are £425 and you can view more details here.


    Or for the watch lover we have Rapport watch winders. These boxes keep automatic watches wound up in between wears. We have them in black, blue, red and silver and they are £295 each.


    For the guy who has everything, a classic signet will never date! Find these in store starting at £295.


    I hope our simple gift guide has inspired you!

    Merry Christmas!


  • Kronaby Smart Watches - What you need to know

    You may not have heard of Kronaby Watches, which is understandable as they are relative newcomers to the watch scene. These Swedish designed watches are quite possibly the easiest to use Smart Watches we have encountered so far.


    Purpose built smart watches which combine a love of classic, well made watches with cutting edge technology. On the outside, it is an authentic and beautiful timepiece, manufactured with high end materials to withstand the test of time. Each watch is fitted with a sapphire crystal glass, which alone is unusual in a watch at this price. The cases are stainless steel and PVD coated where applicable, meaning the watch will retain its plating and looks much better than the fashion watches you will find for sale at the same price!

    Each watch is simply and classically designed, but its true magic lies on the inside! The Kronaby quartz movement works with your technology using BlueTooth. The low power movement means that the battery should last around 2 years - around the average lifespan of a standard quartz watch battery.

    So what do these smart watches actually do?

    The technology means that the time updates automatically. So if you go on holiday, it changes to the new timezone, and also updates when the clocks change twice a year too so it is always at the correct time.


    It can show how much you move - or don't... But it will also prompt you to move after long periods of inactivity! It allows you to set goals for how many steps you do in a day, which you can change if you want too, and also view how much you have done of your target at a glance.


    You can also set a silent alarm on your Kronaby smartwatch, meaning that you never have to wake your other half up with your early start again. It will just vibrate gently on your wrist.


    One of my favourite things is the 'Walk Me Home' feature. At the push of a button you can send an alert to whoever is waiting at home for you so that they know you are on the way!


    It can also control your music, and you can start and stop with just a button on your watch. Mark locations using GeoTags, so you can find your way back to that nice pub later on if you like. Locate a misplaced phone, and control your camera, for when your arms aren't long enough!

    If you think all of this sounds complicated, it really isn't! Once the app is installed in your phone it is literally a case of syncing them and then dragging and dropping what features you want, and where you want it! It allows for filtered notifications so you can easily choose what or who you want notifications from.


    If you are thinking that it sounds too good to be true, it honestly isn't! Kronaby were kind enough to give us a couple to try out, and I can vouch that it really is THAT easy! They also start at only £315 so are a really great for an everyday watch, or an ideal gift for the gadget lover.

    You can shop our full range on the website by clicking HERE, and if I haven't convinced you, why not check out Kronaby's website HERE.

  • Frederique Constant Horological Smart Watch

    Frederique Constant have made an incredible name for themselves in affordable Swiss Luxury watches, so it comes as no surprise that they have created a stunning Horological Smartwatch. This timepiece is classic and simple in design, without the hefty price tag of your standard Swiss watches.


    The watch itself comes in a 42mm case, available in rose gold plated steel, or stainless steel versions. It features a 42mm convex sapphire crystal glass and is water resistant to 50m. The case is a very comfortable 13.35mm height, housing a MMT-285 connected movement. The movement boasts a 25 month battery life and is created using fine materials and hand assembled by their expert craftsmen. Its simple and classic styling pairs typical Swiss luxury and connected functionality.

    The bi-directional communication technology pairs with iPhone and Android apps. Unlike other smart watches it does not feature a digital screen, just diamond cut hands which display analogically. This means that the watch retains its classic Swiss beauty.



    While the Horological Smartwatch does connect to your phone or tablet, it also functions entirely on its own using its own sensors. It tracks sleep patterns with a 95% accuracy rate, as well as providing activity alerts, and tracking your daily movements. Its low power solution means that this smart watch does not require recharging and the watch can rung for 25 months on the power of a regular battery cell.



    If you still aren't convinced on the smart watch Frederique Constant have also created an E-Strap. This tiny device and turn any analog watch into a smartwatch. The ultra small buckle extension can barely be seen when fitted. Built slim and disguised by the leather strap it is the pinnacle in sophisticated functionality. The app is the same one used for the Horological Smartwatch, and tracks all the same information - activity, sleep, sleep cycle alarms, active alerts and dynamic coach. It also features a rechargeable battery, but using a similar low power processor as the watch, it should work seamlessly for 7 days before requiring charging.


    Check out all of our Frederique Constant watches here.

  • MeisterSinger Watches Introductory 10% Discount

    We previously blogged about MeisterSinger's impending arrival in to our store which we are all very excited about and now we have them! Shop our collection here.

    The instantly recognisable single hand watch design is relatively new to the market, and creates a stunning vintage inspired alternative to most of the watches currently on for sale.

    Founded in Germany in 2001, the design itself inspired by historical single hand clocks and clock towers which were clear and easy to read. The dial itself is broken down into 5 minute increments and the numbers on the dial are balanced to create a different aesthetic to the dial than what is more commonly found in the current watch market.

    It's simple and quirky design really sets it apart.

    The MeisterSinger sign is an upside down fermata - the musical symbol for a pause. Reminding us that 'time is precious, let us not wish it away'.

    The watches come with different movements, hand-wound, automatic and also quartz, so there really is a style to suit everyone. Each watch can be customised with alternative straps, in varying colours and materials. You can build your ideal watch on the MeisterSinger website here. Or call in store to view our range and also box of alternate straps...

    To celebrate our new watch range we are offering a 10% discount on all MeisterSinger watches. This is a limited time introductory offer, only running until the end of August.

    Use discount code "MeisterSinger10' and the checkout to take advantage of this offer and you can enjoy a beautiful vintage style watch designed for modern living.


  • Contemporary Independent Grand Seiko SBGR305

    This stunning timepiece released at Basel World earlier this year is another one of the new Grand Seiko Limited Edition timepieces.

    sbgr305 ins
    As we discussed in the last blog Grand Seiko are now a brand independent from Seiko, and in stepping away from the world renown Seiko brand, Grand Seiko are really starting to show us just what they can do.

    The SBGR305 is another limited edition collectors piece, with only 968 of them being released worldwide.
    Where this one stands out is that it is not just a re-creation of the original Grand Seiko that was originally produced back in 1960, but a sympathetic modern twist on the 3180 which we discussed in our previous blog.

    sbgr305 blk
    The 40.5mm Brilliant Hard Titanium case is a fantastic example of the craftsmanship that Grand Seiko is known for. This new material is as light as pure titanium, with a surface hardness of roughly twice that of stainless steel.
    Using the Zaratsu polishing techniques on this timepiece has meant that the titanium case has a brightness than normal titanium usually lacks, as well as improved scratch resistance.

    sbgr303 case

    The sapphire crystal exhibition case back shows off the impressive 9S68 caliber automatic movement where Grand Seikos expert craftsmanship can be viewed and appreciated. Each movement is hand assembled by their expert craftsmen and women. Al of whom have honed their skills to such an extent that they can make adjustments of fractions of millimeters by hand.
    The automatic self wind 9S68 caliber movement boasts a 72 hour power reserve, as well as being accurate to -3 +5 seconds.
    With this beautiful aesthetic design it really shows who Grand Seiko are respecting their history as well as reinventing their fine traditions.

    sbgr305 dial tex

    This modern reissue of the original Grand Seiko really showcases the GS philosophy in contemporary design and materials. A guaranteed collectors watch if you are lucky enough to get one of the 968 of them that are being produced!


    sbgr305 limt

  • Grand Seiko SBGW253 Limited Edition

    SBGW253 Grand Seiko

    This year at Basel World Grand Seiko became its own brand, independent of Seiko, and they have certainly done it in style.
    Some of the newly announced watches are the reissues of the very first Grand Seiko, first produced in 1960 which was built with the aim to be the Worlds best watch.

    sbgw253 dial

    Fittingly the watch we will be looking at here is a limited edition reissue of only 1960 pieces worldwide, the SBGW253. This stunning stainless steel re-release of the first ever Grand Seiko has been carefully designed to echo the original, using cutting edge modern technology to show how far the watch technology has advanced.


    The Bureaux Officiels de Contrôle de la Marche des Montres is a Swiss institution responsible for certifying accuracy and precision of watches, also referred to as COSC.
    It was awarded official designation as ‘chronometer’ according to the highest chronometer standard at the time.

    As such the ‘chronometer appeared on the dial. Nowadays Grand Seiko no longer carry this. In 1998 Grand Seiko set up their own in-house testing facility which more stringent standards than that of COSC.
    Watches in the 9S caliber hold a greater distinction - ‘Grand Seiko Special Standard’.

    The reissue Grand Seiko is a testament to the original design. Its curved sapphire crystal glass retains the original shape and gentle profile. The 38mm case, although slightly larger than the original 36mm still has a lovely vintage model feel to it.

    sbgw253 dial shot
    The hand-would mechanical 9S64 movement boasts and impressive 72 hour power reserve as well as -3 to +5 seconds per day accuracy, as well as boasting ‘Grand Seiko Special Standard’ movement.


    Anyone who knows about Grand Seiko knows the sheer level of skill and craftsman ship that goes into each watch. Each watch is crafted with precision, beauty and legibility as the most import and features of the watch.
    The 9S64 calibre movement is manufactured and assembled in the Shizuku-Ish watch studio in Japans Iwate Prefecture.
    Each and every 200-300 part movement is assembled by highly skilled craftsmen and women who have honed their craft to such and extent that they can adjust parts by hand to tolerances of one hundredth of a millimetre, thus yielding complete masterpieces every time.

    Since 1960 a lion has been the symbol of Grand Seiko, and has graced the case back of each watch. The SBGW253 features an 18ct gold plated lion on its case back, as it was designed to be the ‘King of Watches’.

    sbgw253 case back
    Grand Seiko’s styling is pure and practical. Every detail visible on the watch, from the cut of the hour markers to the length of the hands has been carefully considered and designed with ease of use in mind. The multifaceted hands and markers mean that the watch can be easily read in every light and situation, and highlighting Grand Seikos unrivalled quality in each timepiece they produce.

    sbgw253 seiko site

  • Luxury German Watch Maker MeisterSinger is making it's way to Porters!

    Image result for MeisterSinger logo

    We are delighted to announce the forthcoming arrival of MeisterSinger watches to James Porter & Son in Glasgow!
    Many watch fans will already be familiar with the brand and their instantly recognisable single-hand mechanical watches.


    MeisterSinger was founded in 2001 by Manfred Brassler in the Westphalian city of Munster where he wanted to create an alternative to the watches of today that showed time as something constantly racing along.
    He drew his inspiration from historical single-hand clocks, often tower clocks, which were clear and visible to the town’s citizens and showed how the day progressed; when it was time to rest or finish work rather than bothering with the hectic passing of minutes and seconds.
    Time is precious, let us not wish it away.

    With only having one hour hand MeisterSinger watches give you a feeling of deceleration which in todays fast paced world is more important than ever.

    Image result for fermata

    In fact, even the logo above the name MeisterSinger is an upside down fermata - which is the pause symbol in musical notation.


    MeisterSinger watches may seem daunting at first but are actually very easy to read with the dial divided into 144 markers. Each marker represents five minutes. The combination of the bold 15, 30 and 45 minute markers and the prominent needle pointer all add to the legibility.

    See the link below:


    The range as you would expect consists of mainly hand wound mechanical and automatic watches with the iconic “Neo” available in quartz. All models are customizable through a variety of colour leather straps and bracelets which will be stocked in-store. Each strap variety can be paired and then viewed on the MeisterSinger website so you can see how your chosen strap will look.

    We are so excited to be an official stockist, and we believe that this classic take on reading a watch with one hand paired with classic, almost vintage styling of 1950's wristwatches makes these perfect for the modern man who loves simplicity, style and quirkiness in a timepiece! Stay tuned for their arrival to our store!

    Simon-Porter sig

  • Spring is Sprung!

    With us now into March that also means a new birthstone for all of the upcoming birthdays.
    This month’s gemstone is the lovely aquamarine.


    The name derived from the Latin for water ‘aqua,’ and the word ‘marina’ meaning ‘from the sea’.
    Looking at this beautiful stone it is clear to see why. The stone is always blue/green in colouring and is translucent, which would remind anyone of pale tropical seas! The blue itself can vary from very pale/almost clear to a vivid blue.

    Folklore tells that it was originally thought to be mermaid treasure because of its colour, and has been used as a talisman by sailors to protect them at sea.
    It was also believe to protect against foes in battle as well as quickening ones intellect…

    12-62-005 - 1103383

    Aquamarine is from the same gemstone family as emerald (Beryl) but there are many differences.
    When mined aquamarine is usually found in large, well formed quantities. There are very few inclusions found in aquamarine as well, which adds to its appeal.

    The largest cut aquamarine is the Dom Pedro Aquamarine, which can be viewed in the Smithsonian Museum in America. It is almost 14” long, weighs in at 4.6lbs and took over 6 months to cut! Although the largest gem quality aquamarine ever found weighed in at 110kg!


    We don't have anything quite that size in store, but you can shop our range here!

    Featured items ;

    Cover photo 0130047 £1695

    Ring 0703409 £895

    Pendant 1103383 £215

    Simon-Porter sig


  • Love Is In The Air...

    With Valentines day just around the corner we though that some of you out there might need some inspiration - and you can never go wrong with jewellery!
    So why not make James Porter and Son your only shopping destination? We have jewellery and watches to fit every style, preference and budget.

    Whether you have just started dating, have been married forever or are just a big romantic we have hand picked some of our favourite items that should definitely impress your other half this Valentines day!

    Ladies first….

    Silver Heart Locket

    Simple and classic heart shaped locket for your very own sweet heart!
    Sterling silver locket that is truly timeless and easy enough for her to wear every day. A lovely gift for only £85.

    18ct White Gold Brilliant & Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

    These stunning 18ct white gold earrings consist of 3 individual diamonds set together in a romantic heart shape.
    2 round brilliant cut diamonds to each princess cut, totalling .64ct and set in 18ct white gold. Diamonds may be a girls best friend but these will certainly win you a lot of brownie points!

    18ct Rose Gold Brilliant Cut Multi Stone Diamond Bangle

    For the woman who has everything. A new addition to our store, a timeless design made using rose gold and set with 4 round brilliant cut diamonds totalling .27ct in a rub over style setting.
    The romantic rose gold will certainly impress your other half!

    18ct White Gold Brilliant Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

    And last but not least for all you romantics out there looking to propose this Valentines day, why not get down on one knee with this stunning halo engagement ring!
    The halo is a modern twist on the classic engagement ring. This design also has two diamonds either side to give it a more vintage look.  Well worth it at £1735!
    Set in 18ct white gold the centre diamonds is .40ct and is GIA certificated F colour SI clarity

    And for the guys…

    Lapponia Silver Quasar Cufflinks


    These solid silver cufflinks are the perfect gift for the man about town.
    Lapponia is a Finnish brand inspired by nature who have been creating unique handcrafted designs for over 50 years.

    Michel Herbelin Mens Odyssee Bracelet Watch

    For the traditional gentleman this stainless steel bracelet watch is pure luxury without having to break the bank at just £580.
    French design with Swiss movement - a wining combination.

    Palladium Diamond Satin Finish Band

    This simple yet stunning design could also work as an engagement ring if you are looking to go down on one knee this Valentines day!
    Durable palladium with its simple diamond design would look good on just about anyone.

    Victorinox Army Dive Master 500

    These watches are designed with function and durability in mind so would perfectly suit your man if he is the adventurous type!
    The gunmetal PVD casing and red dial and strap certainly stand out. Sapphire glass and a water resistance of 500m means it is a watch meant to be worn in all conditions.

    I hope you have enjoyed our gift guide, and that it has hopefully inspired you.
    If these aren’t what you are looking call in store and one of our staff will help you find the ideal gift to show your love this valentines day!

    Find us on Instagram and Facebook where we will be posting some more inspiration for you!

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